ElizabethOur Tools


At LTRR, we develop and use state of the art equipment for analyzing mechanical forces in vivo and in vitro and performing high sensitivity fluorescence microscopy. We specialize in analyzing and measuring forces on the level of subcellular structures (contact sites), of individual cells, of cell populations and ex vivo tissue samples.

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A variety of techniques are established in the laboratory to assess these different problems. This includes the use of micropatterned stiff and elastic culture substrates, laser trap technology, flow chamber assays, fibroblast-populated three-dimensional collagen gels and tissue myographs (isometric force measurements). Moreover, the group has a experience with and is partly equipped with systems to perform high-sensitivity fluorescence microscopy, latest laser scanning and spinning-disc confocal microscopy, and live videomicroscopy Software packages are available to analyze fluorescence intensity over time, to calculate force-displacement values, to track pathways of structures or cells and to quantify the dynamics of sub-cellular structures (lamellipodia, ruffles).