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July - September 2018

  • New Publication: Walsh, S., Worrell, J., Fabre, A., Hinz, B., Kane, R., and Keane, M. (2018): Novel Differences in Gene Expression and Functional Capabilities of Myofibroblast Populations in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. AJP Lung
  • New Publication: Warren, J., Im, M.*, Ballesteros, A., Ha, C., Moore, T., Lambert, F., Lucas, S., Hinz, B., Dveksler, G. (2018) Activation of latent transforming growth factor-?1, a conserved function for pregnancy-specific glycoproteins. Molecular Human Reproduction

 18 09 Elora

  • Lab-trip: Thank-you everyone for another memorable Hinz Lab camping expedition; this time the Elora Gorge Conservation Area. We will never forget that it is 24 km from Kaufman’s Flats to Freeport Bridge, Kitchener when kayaking the Grand river.
  • Farewell to Melanie Kiebalo and Paul Wu who will return to their undergraduate student life after 4 months of joy and potential fame in the Hinz lab. Thanks a lot for your contributions to our research enterprise.
  • Welcome to Kristina Bei who will support Donna. Kristina took over from Nareg Kara-Yacoubian in September – Fare well Nareg!
  • A very warm farewell to Henna Karvonen after more than 2 years in the Hinz lab. Henna joined in April 2015 to study macrophages and myofibroblasts.Henna will return to Finland by the end of August. She will and continue the project on her fellowship for the Acadmy of Finland – while starting new endeavors. All the best!
  • Congratulations to Michele and Mariëlle Walraven and welcome to baby Luc! A temporary farewell to Mariëlle; looking forward to having you back early next year, relaxed after all that extra sleep.

18 08 Marielle