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October - December 2018

  • Farwell to Amanda Goodwin, we will miss Amanda’s helpful and positive nature - and scientific brilliance.
  • Welcome to Ronen Schuster joining us from Ben Gurion University of the Nagev, Israel. Wishing Ronen a productive Post Doc in our lab!

  • The impact of candy-wrapper: Our review “The ECM and TGF-β1: Tale of a strained relationship” (2015) is the top 3 downloaded and top 5 cited articles of ‘Matrix Biology’.
  • The relevance of fibrosis research: “The myofibroblast matrix: implications for tissue repair and fibrosis” (2012) is among the top 20 cited articles in the ‘Journal of Pathology’ and 2nd youngest article in that list. Among the top 10 cited articles, 4 are about fibrosis.

    Congratulations to Pardis Pakshir on successfully defending her PhD thesis and for delivering her talk at the dentistry seminars. 
  • And welcome Pardis Pakshir, new Post-Doc in the lab!
  • Congratulations Alumni Sandra Gribi! Published paper: Gribi S, du Bois de Dunilac S, Ghezzi D, Lacour SP. 2018. A micro-fabricated nerve-on-a-chip platform for rapid assessment of neural conduction in explanted peripheral nerve fibers. Nat Communications 
  • Congratulations Alumni John Blaikley! Paper published: Cunningham PS, Maidstone R, Durrington HJ, et al., and Blaikley JF. 2018. Incidence of primary graft dysfunction after lung transplantation is altered by timing of allograft implantation. Thorax.

  • Just an impression of a session that Boris shared with Peter Friedl and Robert Schleip at the International Conference on Fascia Research in November in Berlin.